Introducing the Empyrean


Empyrean [em-puh-REE-uhn]: The Highest upon High - Unmatched and Unsurpassable.

Unmatched. Unsurpassable. These were the qualities we aspired to bring to the Empyrean. The ultimate wood-shelled snare drum; museum quality woods; gold plated hardware; a deep high gloss finish that you can dive right into; and a value-added package with an amazing array of one of a kind tools and art objects. All this, capped off by an unbelievable commitment from one of the hottest drummers on the planet and the man whose signature adorns the drum, Todd Sucherman.

We started by sourcing the woods that would elevate each instrument to a higher plane, both visually and sonically. Burl woods, which form as bowl shaped caps on the outside of some trees, were a natural choice for Todd and me because of the wildly figured, interlocking grain that they contain.  Amboyna Burl in particular has been prized for centuries for its deep auburn hues and intensely clustered burl eyes. Afzelia Burl is similarly spectacular, infused with swirls of orange and gold. Figured Bubinga has always held a singular appeal for Todd, and I couldn’t imagine building this instrument without incorporating my favorite species, African Blackwood.

One of the guiding principals of this project was to provide the opportunity for customization of each piece, ensuring a unique look and playing experience, while maintaining a uniformly spectacular sound. Customization benefits our clients by allowing each individual the chance to choose the dimensions, materials, and other parameters of their instrument. It has the additional advantage of allowing us to work with different and exciting woods, making each completed drum a truly unique and personal voice in this Signature Series Ensemble.

Please read on to discover the Empyrean’s complete narrative. Both Todd and I have spent many hours poring over details in order to make this package the most unique and exclusive percussion offering ever. Check it out and I think you will come to agree that this drum deserves the bold title, The Empyrean.

                                                                Pete Stanbridge


the Todd Sucherman Signature Snare Drum by STanbridge Drums

copyright 2011 by Stanbridge Drum Corporation